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DMSI is a software completely integrated to Windows' shell
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DMSI is a software completely integrated to Windows' shell.
It will allow you to convert your pictures, videos or audio files (complete conversion possibilities at the end), directly in an Explorer Window. You just need to select one or more files, choose the options by moving your cursor along the menus, and click on the last one to launch the conversion.

Most of the DMSI menu use batch script executed by CLIMachine (another software). It allows you to command CLI software easily. A lot of CLIMachine scripts are already done and you will just have to put them in the right order to do what you want.

Main Features:

- Input container: avi, ogm, mkv, mpeg, vob
- Input video codec: any one if you have the good direct show filter (divx and xvid for exemple).
- Input audio codec: mpa (for mpeg), mp3, ogg, wav
- Output container: avi, ogm, mkv, rv10
- Output video codec: divx, xvid, rv9 (only for rv10 container)
- Output audio codec: mp3, ogg, ra (only for rv9 container)
- Options: you can choose video resolution, video and audio bitrate.
- Input: wav, ac3, mp2, mp3, ogg, mpc, wma, flac, m4a
- Output: wav, mp3, ogg, mpc, wma, flac, m4a
- Options: You can choose the ouput audio bitrate (except for wav)
- Input: jpg, png, gif, bmp, tga, pcx, ico, psd, dds, xpm, ras, sgi, hdr, tif
- Output: bmp, jpg, png, gif, tga
- Options: you can choose resolution (pixel or %), rotation, flip, compression quality (only for jpg)

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